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  • Get the Best Backup Practices

  • Given the ever- widening amount of data that gets generated today, people can no longer avoid resorting to duplicate data. Optimizing backup process has become a vital part of homes and businesses, alike. The modern age has witnessed the emergence of new methods in backup practices. Modern document management allows quick retrieval and streamlined technique […]

  • CTERA – the reliable backup solution for all your data

  • It may be your personal computer; it may be your business server, every computer system needs a backup from time to time, in order to avoid the woes caused by hardware failure. There are several such software and software services, which offers backup solutions to individuals and enterprises. While your computer may require a plane […]

  • The differences between IPhone 5, 5 S and 5C revealed

  • IPhone5, one of the epic products from Apple, was released in September 2012. Now, to take its place, and to continue the legacy of offering great products, Apple has now released the new IPhone 5S and IPhone 5C, this September. Apart from the luster and color, there are no major differences in the looks of […]

  • Major Differences between iOS7 and iOS6

  • The famous smartphone, iPhone, has now received a recent update to its operating system. The new iOS 7 was released on September 18, and is reviewed to be totally different from the previous versions of iOS. It seems that skeuomorphism approach taken by the prodigy Steve Jobs, is not observed by his successors anymore. This […]

  • Why choose Windows 7 after Windows XP?

  • One of the popular operating systems, which captivated the minds of business professionals and home users, is Windows XP. Windows XP has been known for its distinct GUI and easy-to-operate features. It has greatly evolved when compared to its predecessors and showcases support for several hardware and data servers. Similarly, Microsoft Office 2003 is one […]

  • Windows 8.1 hands on review

  • If you are interested in what is coming this October in the new Windows 8.1 release here is a great article  

  • Is windows 8 for you?

  • Check out the information in the following link to see if it is time to upgrade to windows 8