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Oct 24

CTERA – the reliable backup solution for all your data

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Oct 24

It may be your personal computer; it may be your business server, every computer system needs a backup from time to time, in order to avoid the woes caused by hardware failure. There are several such software and software services, which offers backup solutions to individuals and enterprises. While your computer may require a plane disk backup, a complex enterprise system may require variety of backup solutions. With CTERA backup solutions at your disposal, you can drop the worries of identifying the right kind of backup solution required for your business.

Every enterprise computer is different, and comprises of different architecture to ensure smooth functioning of the targeted business. CTERA backup solutions offer the best backup service to ensure smooth functioning of your business. CTERA takes a unique approach of using cloud technologies as backup sites. With CTERA backup solution, you will get complete disk backup, active file sync with the cloud and sharing, mobile collaboration, fully managed NAS (network attached storage) and cloud on-ramping.

The company also offers hybrid backup services, which combine local storage with cloud. When it comes to server data, the cloud based, and clientless backup solution is the best, while agent-based backup is always preferable for personal computers, desktops and laptops. In comparison to other backup services in the market, CTERA’s backup solutions offer comprehensive data protection.

CTERA’s agents are light on resources, and offer complete rule-based file backups. There is an option for disk image backup, along with full automation and scheduling. Moreover, all data is stored using 256 AES encryption standard and only changed files and information blocks are backed up during scheduled intervals. This makes CTERA light on resources, and completely impenetrable to spoofing attacks. Your systems may be powered by Windows, Linux or running some Virtual Machines (VM), CTERA’s agents will provide you the perfect backup.

It may be a cloud; it may be an agent, CTERA’s backup solutions offer quick recovery of data, with no data loss. CTERA’s backup services are scalable, versatile and predictable in terms of cost.

Here is a table which shows that CTERA’s backup services are better than the other backup vendors in the market



Crashplan BackBlaze MOZY Carbonite SOS Livedrive CTERA
Hybrid Storage (cloud+local) NO NO No NO NO NO YES
Windows OS support (XP, Vista, 7, 8) All All All All All All All
Linux support Yes No No No No No Yes
Mobile app iOS, Android iOS iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android
Web app access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, CTERA portal
File Sharing No No No Yes Yes No Yes
Encryption 448bit 128 bit 256,448 bit 128 bit 256


256 bit 256 bit


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