Professional Services

In order to achieve your business goals and accelerate your business growth you need technology that works for you. This is where we come in, we can be engaged at any point in the IT spectrum, whether that is Remote or Onsite IT support, implementing an IT project, provide you with an IT assessment, an IT strategic plan and help you execute that plan, or even be your part time IT Manager.

We leverage an IT Management framework that allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses, mitigate risks, stabilize IT environments and maintain these environments into the future, here is an outline of our framework:

       1. Assess

       2. Plan and Recommend

       3. Stabilize

       4. Maintain

Our Assessment and Plan and Recommend approach allows us to gather information from key management, staff and technical professionals to provide us with a clear picture of your IT infrastructure and business needs. This allows us to develop an IT plan which supports your organizations direction.

Once we provide you with the IT Plan and Recommendations, you have enough knowledge to make decisions on next steps.

This brings us to the Stabilize phase, this is where we help you execute your IT plan and mitigate risks that were identified.

Once we have stabilized your IT Infrastructure, this brings us to the Maintain phase, where we continuously review and manage your IT. This will bring you to a proactive state where you can make informed IT decisions which will add value to your organization.

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Below is an overview of the type of services that can be leveraged from our highly skilled team

     – Remote and onsite IT Support

–   Repairs and maintenance remotely using our secure remote access software, or onsite support when physical hands are require

     – Project Management

          – We can Manage your IT project plan which includes creating clear and attainable project objectives, defining the scope of the project, and   managing the project through its life cycle while managing the constraints of the project which are cost, time, scope and quality. 

     – IT Management

          – This is our constant no matter what services are being leveraged, we ensure that products and services we provide fall within the IT vision and goals for your business. Some specific ways we can help is IT Budgeting, IT staff coaching, Network architecture, part time IT Manager etc. 

     – IT Assessments

          – Our IT Assessments drill down to a broad range of IT where we identify strengths, weaknesses and risks to educate your management team in making IT decisions that make sense for your organization.


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