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Oct 22

Major Differences between iOS7 and iOS6

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Oct 22

The famous smartphone, iPhone, has now received a recent update to its operating system. The new iOS 7 was released on September 18, and is reviewed to be totally different from the previous versions of iOS. It seems that skeuomorphism approach taken by the prodigy Steve Jobs, is not observed by his successors anymore. This can be evidently seen with the revamped user-interface of iOS, which comes with a minimalistic design approach.  While the iOS6 and its predecessors boasted 3D, real-life icons for its user-interface, the new iOS7 features only plain, minimal icons. Same is the case with side bars, scroll bars, and top bars.

The new lock screen exhibits moving wallpaper, which slides as you move your phone. While the iOS6 featured only 2 swipeable for unlocking the device, or starting a camera, the iOS7 features 4 swipe bits with the addition of notifications and control center.

In iOS6, you need to traverse through several screens for configuring settings. This trouble is removed as the new iOS7 comes with a dedicated Control Center. Notifications have been revamped as compared to iOS6, and are now projected in 3 sections – Today, All and Missed.

Camera app is now packed with 4 kinds of shooting video, photo, Instagram style square snaps, and panorama, along with a redesigning tool in the photo app. Spotlight feature is now placed in the pull down menu of the Home screen, and the popular web-browser Safari has received revamped navigation.

When it comes to apps, iOS7 comes packed with FaceTime, Smarter Mailbox and the exclusive iTunes Radio. Multitasking is elegantly expressed in the new OS. In iOS6, you would probably press the home button twice to end a task forcefully, but in iOS7, you can end it easily by swiping it upwards.  Several such small, but effective app and performance tweaks can be seen in new iOS 7.

Here is a table which compares the major differences between the new iOS7 and the old iOS6




User Interface Minimalistic design 3D icons and real life design
Unlock Swipe bits 4 – Device Unlock, Camera, Notifications, Control Center 2 – Device Unlock, Camera
Settings Control Center available Individual settings pages
Notifications 3 Sections – All, missed, Today Simple notifications
Camera Video, Photo, Square Snap, Panorama Video, Photo
Photos app GPS sorting, Collections, Regular sorting- date, order
Apps and OS updates Automatic Manual
Car system and Hands free features Calling, music, messaging,





With revamped user interface, addition of a dedicated control center, new features for security and screen locks, and the over the air automatic update feature, the iOS 7 is said to be better than its predecessors. Experience the improved multi-tasking support; snap the best images using the improved camera app, and share files with people on the go with the new iOS7 powered devices.

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